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Dounreay Cash Reaches Groups In Need During Coronavirus Lockdown
More than 30 communitygroups received help from a fund supported by Dounreay and the NuclearDecommissioning Authority during the COVID-19 crisis.In March 2020, Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd anticipated an upsurge indemand from community organisations for small-scale financialassistance.It made available ?30,000 to the North Highland Initiative for its fundto support community organisations impacted by the Covid-19 lockdown.

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LatestMartitime Photos
Highanders alongside Edda Sun
A couple of recent photos fromJohn Hay.  

John has produce agreat book of a few boats from Caithness

Seea preview of the book in this animation

WickGalas Gone  Past - The Big Gallery 
Wick Gala Galleries
With Rainy Lockdown Daysat the moment and no galas this year and with time on our hands we haveput together thousands of the WickGala photos from 2002 to 2019 in one huge gallery foreveryone to look back.  You can scroll through all the yearsor goto the drop down menu at the bottom to jump to any one year.  
We are happy to add earlier years if anyone cares to send photos tobill@caithness.org
We will in coming weeks do the same for other galas and shows.

LogSales Recommence At Dunnet Forest From Saturday 6 June
Excitingnews - Log sales are back from this weekend 6th June 2020.We have sought and received the approval of the Emergency PlanningCommittee of the Highland Council before going ahead.And just to reassure everyone - they have also approved our measures toensure the safety of all, volunteers, staff and customers.There will be a queuing system in place so we can load one car ortrailer at a time. Customers will be asked to stay in their vehicles atall times while they are loaded. And payment will be collected in abox, or if preferred customers can pay via Paypal using our emailaddress.
Can YouAdd To The Wick Players Archive
Helpthe Wick Players build up their archive with any information or photosyou may hold.
Youcan also become amember to boost their income a little and get advance ticketsfor shows.
WickAngling Association - Fishing In Caithness - Angling Is Back Soon
Wick Angling Association new web site launched
Wick Angling Association havelaunched a new web sitein preparation for Angling once again being allowed.  This maynotbe not long now following today's announcment by Scottish Governmentfora phased approach to lessening lockdown.  Angling is to be oneofthe early sports allowed to recommence shortly afer 28th May - this may still be subject to further review - watch formoreannouncements.

NFUMutual Thurso supports Caithness Mental Health Support Group to helplocal relief efforts
Caithness Mental Health Support Group - Wick House
NFUMutual Thurso is proud to have nominated local charity Caithness MentalHealth Support Group for a donation of over ?3,000.NFU Mutual Agents and their staff at the local Thurso agency aredelighted to have nominated local charity Caithness Mental HealthSupport Group to receive a donation from the national ?1m 'AgencyGiving Fund' launched by NFU Mutual's Head Office. The charity has twodrop-in centres, The Haven in Wick and Stepping Stones in Thurso, andprovides support for local people who may be experiencing isolation,unemployment and other social difficulties related to mental healthproblems. Today marks the start of Mental Health Awareness Week and,with a survey of NFU Mutual customers showing that nearly threequarters of people are feeling more isolated since the UK went intolockdown, it's a crucial time for this support to be available.
SocietyOfCaithness Artists Offer An On-line Exhibition
In the absence of their usualSummer Exhibition in Thurso, The Societyof Caithness Artists offer all artists with a Caithness connection anopportunity to exhibit with the Society as part of their on-lineexhibition. The Society recognises the negative impact the presentsituation of galleries and exhibition closures has on individualartists so offer this alternative. Says SCA Chair Ian Pearson "it isimportant that artists continue to be creative for their well-being aswell as everyone else and I also know how important it is to have anoutlet for ones work. Normally the Society would be busy organisingscreens and plinths and planning for artists to bring their work tohang and display but these aren't normal times so we have to reactaccordingly"
The exhibition isscheduled tocommence on July 1st and close on July 31st. The deadline for artistswishing to take part is June 15th and all images must be submitted bythis date.
High Life Highland Librariesonline resources numbers soar during covid lockdown
Highland Highlife
HighLife Highland Libraries have been given top marks by members andnon-members alike as they turn to the Charity's online resources tohelp provide extra support for health and wellbeing during the Covid-19outbreak.Feedback on the Library services in Highland, including online'Bookbug' sessions, e-books, audio-books and the online newspaperservice has shown that people have quickly adapted to take advantage ofthe freeservices on offer.Bookbug, a national programme for sharing stories, songs and rhymes foryoung people, is delivered through our local libraries and has seen thenumber of views of sessions rise to 6500 in April from just under 2000in March.Pressreader, the online newspaper service, has more than doubled thenumber of views in April 2020 in comparison with the same month lastyear, an increase of 30,000 views. Readnewspapers and magazines free as Highlife covers the onlinesubscription for library card holders.ThursoTown Improvements Group To Be Wound Up As Not Enough Volunteers For theCommittee
The group decided to wind up in February due to lackofmembers but have maintianed the Facebook page and the legalstatus until August to see if more people come forward.  Noevents were planned for 2020.  The clock is ticking and theremaystill be time to save it if enough folk come forward - contact onFacebook.
CaithnessCommunity Groups Among 258 Scottish Awards By ScottishGovernment
Local groups in Scotland get a ?10 million boost.Families on lower incomes and older people are to get more support withextra funding for lifeline services to cope with the coronavirus(COVID-19) pandemic.The funding from the Scottish Government's Supporting Communities Fundwill go directly to more than 250 community groups.The community groups operate as 'anchors', bringing together charities,volunteers, social enterprises and the public sector to co-ordinate thelocal response and channel support where it is needed. This includesmaking hot meals, organising grocery and prescription deliveries andproviding wellbeing support.Up to ?10 million is being made available as an initial sum availableto support community anchor organisations, and a further allocation of?10 million has been approved to support the second phase of the fund.
Caithness Groups Awards
Caithness Community Connections ?3,453
Caithness Voluntary Group ?16,121
Caithness Voluntary Group ?11,800
John O' Groats Development Trust ?10,000
Pulteneytown People's Project ?31,075
Thurso Community Development Trust ?53,000
Most Events Cancelled

Froinformation the Halkik Highland Games,Wick Galaand Caithness County Showarecancelled for 2020 and will be back in 2021. Many otherregular annual events are also cancelled.  We have cleared Mayfromthe Whatson section but you can add any online events such as the Marketonlne on 9th May where buyers and sellers can see each othervia Snapchat. It is now unlikely that there will be any big events in2020 in Caithness.

Learning During Lockdown -
How Highland Council's schools arebenefiting from advanced online teaching tools
School pupils across The Highland Council have beenbenefiting froman innovative approach to Teaching and learning which has made thetransition to home learning smoother for all.Highland Council was one of the first local authorities in Scotlandrecognised to develop a Schools Digital Learning Hub, which provides aresource for staff, parents and pupils to support home learning.The coronavirus outbreak has led to school closures since March, butthat has not stopped Highland pupils from learning remotely duringlockdown.  Check out the fitness and other videos.
A New Book - Mysteries andMisadventures: Tales from the Highlands
A new Book of mysteries with a few Caithness mentionsCaithnessfeatures heavily in a new book from author Aaron Mullins. A former Wickhigh School pupil, the book also contains a Story Behind the Storiessection where he reveals the aspects of his life growing up inCaithness which inspired each story.From Dunnett Forest and Whaligoe Steps, and from Castletown to Beinn a'Chrulaiste, his love for the Highlands and its people shines through,both in his stories and reflecting on his personal journey in theAuthor's Notes. It also considers the intricacies of capturing thecorrect-sounding spelling of specific Scots dialects from their timeand place in history.
ArmySets Up Mobile Corona Virus Testing Units In Thurso
The UK Government has mobilised the army to set up Corona Virus TestCentres In Scotland.Mobile testing units travel around the UK to increase access tocoronavirus testing. They respond to need, travelling to test essentialworkers if they or someone in their household is symptomatic. The UKGovernment testing programme in Scotland is additional capacity tosupplement NHS testing which prioritises Health and Social Care staff.New units are being brought into operation each day. There are now twoin Highland, currently based in Broadford and Thurso. There is a drivethough facility based in Inverness.
Caithness Help Groups Contacts
Communitu Help Groups in Caithness
FromCaithness Voluntary Group who have coordinated the process to get themap.Over the past 5 - 6 weeks I have been working with an absolutelytremendous group of individuals who are throughout the county workingtirelessly to ensure everyone is looked after during this crises.The attached map details all ten lead groups that have stepped up, welldone everyone.See map for details of which groups is offering assistance in whicharea of Caithness.

Thousands Of Litres Of Free HandSanitiser From A Caithness Business
Hand Sanitiser from Ice and Fire Distillery
TheIce and Fire Distillery at Latheronwheel is ready to make a huge amounthand sanitizer during the coronavirus crisis. The new product will bedistributed free to those who need it, including public services suchas doctors' surgeries, local shops and care workers.Awards of ?9098.09 each have been made by both the SSE BeatriceCaithness Fund and the E.ON Camster Community Fund.This has given the gin distillery the funds to purchase 4000 litres ofdenatured alcohol and other necessary ingredients to begin alarge-scale production.

Jacqueline Black form the distillery said "We have finally managed toget all our licence and public health certificate to allow us to giveoff 4000 litres of hand sanitiser for free."

High Life Highland onlineresources for health and wellbeing
Book bug sessions
Tohelp provide extra support for people living in the Highlands duringthe current period, High Life Highland has extended the range ofservices and classes available to communities online, using technologyand innovation to create new and exciting activities.Over the past month, the Charity's teams have put together an engagingrange of online content to support the health and wellbeing of peopleliving in the Highlands, including: online classes and a range of freenewspapers, books and interactive archive sessions suitable for all.Interest is high, with over 26,000 engaging through its social mediapages in the last week alone.

See inside for links to Bookbug, Fitness programmes and more.
Covid 19 - Activity/Craft Packs For Children and Young People
Activity Packs
1stThurso Boys Brigade will soon be making up packs of craft and activitymaterials.  To obtain one send the name and adress and ages ofthechidren or young people.

CHAT and Friends Donate 30Tablets For Staff and Patients in Caithness Hospitals To Keep InContact
CHAT and Leagueof Friends donate 30 tablets to Caithness Hospitals
CaithnessHealth Action Team along with the League of Friends for CaithnessGeneral hospital wanted to help patients and staff in our localCaithness hospitals.We contacted NHSH and agreed that providing high quality Samsungtablets ,with protective wipe able covers would be an excellent way tohelp ,especially as at the moment there is currently no visitingallowed due to the pandemic.These tablets could be used by staff , talking through and actuallyshowing families what is happening with their loved ones, ministers canpray with the patients to give comfort and support ,patients themselvescan use the tablets to communicate with their family or friends.CHAT donated 10 Samsung tablets to the Caithness General Infectioncontrol ward and 3 to the Caithness General Hospital wards. League ofFriends for Caithness General Hospital donated 5 Samsung tablets to theCaithness General Infection control ward and 5 to the Caithness GeneralHospital main wards.Additionally,CHAT also supported patients and staff in both Town andCounty hospital by providing 4 Samsung tablets and 3 to Dunbarhospital.In total between us we have donated 30 tablets to our localhospitals.
Council Issues More Than 7,500School Meals Vouchers To Highland Families
Free meals for Highland Kids
HighlandCouncil is continuing to provide free school meals through e-vouchersto families across the region while schools are closed.Over, 7,500 school meals payments of ?15 per child per week have beenissued to date. This is to help support many families who areexperiencing difficulties due to the coronavirus emergency. The Councilestimates that to June, 60,000 payments will be issued to eligiblefamilies.This innovative service - which was initially delivered digitally usinge-vouchers - will also be available through Co-op card, Post OfficePayOut; and Scotmid paper vouchers from next week beginning Monday 27April.
To see if your childrenqualify check the link  to the council web site informationinside.  Notclaimed before then now may be the time to take a look. Also a freephone number for assistance.

Royal Bank Launches Card ForCarers
Royal Bank of Scotland is introducing a new 'companion card'- a supplement card to an existing current account that enablesvulnerable customers and those in extended isolation to give trustedvolunteers a way to pay for their essential goods. The card can betopped up by up to ?100 and given to a trusted person or carer toenable them to make purchases on behalf of the individual. To enhancesecurity, the carers card will be associated with the customer'sexisting bank account but kept separate on the bank's systems. The carddoes not share a PIN or long card number with the customer's existingdebit cards and ATM withdrawals are restricted to ?50, as well as beingsubject to Royal Bank's fraud monitoring systems.
Highland Council Warns OfBusiness Grants Scam - Don't Get Caught OutOn This
The COVID-19 crisis has seen an unprecedented rise in scamsacross thewhole of the UK and Highland Council Trading Standards is issuing awarning to local businesses about a new scam that has come to light,regarding business grants.This scam involves an unsolicited email informing the business that itsbusiness grant application has been processed and a payment to be madeto you soon. The email then refers the business to a remittance advicefor payment details, states the grant will be paid by the end of theday and that if the business has any queries it should make contactusing the details displayed on the remittance advice.
How Dounreay is responding tocoronavirus
Cabine delivered by dounreayfor coronavirus examinations at medical centre
Dounreayis working with the community to provide assistance during thecoronavirus outbreak.Protecting our site-We have reduced operations at the site to a level where we require aminimum number of people to leave their homes each day to keep Dounreayin a safe and secure state. Our over-riding priority at this time is tomaintain the site in a safe and secure state and so avoid placing anyadditional burden on our front-line services - the NHS, the HighlandCouncil and other resilience partnership organisations.Protecting our community-Werecognise the primacy of NHS Highland, the Highland Council and otherresilience partnership organisations who are leading the fight againstcoronavirus and protecting our community from harm. DSRL is committedto supporting these organisations in whatever way we can, withoutcomprising the safety and security of the site.
Calling All Budding Young ArtistsAnd Architects
Little Architects Art Competition
Savillshas launched a competition for all the budding young artists andarchitects who find themselves stuck indoors this month. The SavillsLittle Architects competition invites children to grab their tools,pencils, paint brushes and crayons and let their imaginations run wildto create their dream home.There is an entry for different age groups and each has two categories:entrants can either draw or paint their creation or make a model out ofany materials they have at home. The age categories are split into fiveyears and under (little engineers), 6-10 years (junior builders) and11-14 years (senior architects).
Wellbeing Fund Open For Bids
Charities invited to apply for cash help.Third sector organisations across Scotland are being encouraged toapply for emergency funding to help cope with the effects ofcoronavirus (COVID-19).More than 2000 charities, community and voluntary groups, and socialenterprises are being offered immediate financial support from the ?50million Wellbeing Fund, which has been established to assist thirdsector organisations working with people impacted by the pandemic.

Support For Those At HighCovid-19 Risk
National helpline established for those who do not havefamily orcommunity support.A new national helpline is being set up to provide essential assistanceto those who don't have a network of support but who are at high riskof contracting COVID-19.The service - which opens tomorrow (Tuesday 14 April 2020) - will offerhelp to those who do not have family or existing community support andcannot get online and who are over 70, disabled, require the support ofmental health services, are pregnant or receive a flu jab for healthreasons. This service is in addition to localised support alreadyavailable for people who have received letters advising them to shieldthemselves. However, any of those in the shielding category who are notyet receiving assistance, who do not have family and cannot get onlinecan access support via this new helpline.
Second CVG Covid-19 FundingUpdate April 2020
Caithnss Voluntary Group is working hard to collate the emergencyfunding becoming available to charitable groups in the county. Potential applicants should note that some funds have veryshortclosing dates for applications and it may be first come first served. TheFirst list came out two days ago on 7th April. A wide range of funders are now stepping up with new funds tofill many parts of the Covid emergency so it is well worth checking ifyour group qualifies.

Calls continue to come in toCouncil's Covid-19 helpline
Helpline Calls Continue
Ahigh number of calls to The Highland Council's dedicated COVID-19helpline continue to be dealt with on a daily basis.The 0300 303 1362 has been set to give assistance on urgent COVIDissues and to collect details of individuals and community groupslooking to provide volunteering support.There is a separate helpline for anyone who receives a Shielding letterfrom the NHS requiring them to self- isolate for 12 weeks. This is01349 886669 and if they require urgent help with food or medicine,they should telephone the number provided in their letterOn average we are now dealing with 200 calls a day to our COVAID-19helpline. In total council staff and volunteers from Eden Court havedealt with just short of 3000 calls since the launch on 25th March.

Who Made The Contrails AboveDunnet - RAF or Russians Who Knows
Who Made The Contrailsl at Dunnet 9 april 2020
 Anunusual sight this morning lookiing out from Dunnet. Photo lookingnorth east, shows the contrails of a jet aircraft flying at least30,000 feet performing what appears to be doughnuts. The aircraft didnot show on any flight tracking apps.

To get a slightly larger photo inside right click on the phot and openin a new window.

Highland Council Issues Covid-19Advice To Tenants
The Highland Council is sending a bulletin to all council tenantsproviding them with advice about issues related to Coronavirus.The bulletin contains information of a wide range of topics includingenergy advice, details on changes to homelessness services, how to gethousing support, support for anyone in rent arrears, awareness tipsfrom Trading Standards on staying safe from scams, a reminder on how tocontinue receiving free school meals, specific information for anytenants shielding, what practical support is available in communitiesand sharing national helplines for people to stay connected. Thebriefing also gives a long list of key contact details fororganisations and service providers.

Covid-19 Funding Update ForCommunity Groups
Several funders have opened schemes for north communitygroups to help in the Covid-19 Crisis.  Yvonne at CaithnessVoluntary Group has put together a handy guide to the funds available. The different funders have a range of criteria but all areaiming to help groups that are extending aid to our commuities or tohelp if groups have problems themselves. There are closing dates forsome so check them out as soon as possible.  Smallbusiness grant scheme extended to self-catering businesses
The Highland Council today launched its revised guidanceonbehalf of the Scottish Government, with grants of ?10,000 and ?25,000becoming available for eligible self-catering businesses.Recognising the concerns raised by the tourism industry, on behalf ofself-caterers, the Scottish Government small business grant scheme hasbeen expanded to include self-catering properties and caravans wherereceipts represent a primary source (for example, one third or more) ofearnings for the ratepayer and the property has been let out for 140days or more in the financial year 2019-20.

SpiggyTopes Record Is Released ... After 50 Years
Spiggy Topes - Record release after 50 yars
AScottish band's recording is released in Britain for first time; half acentury after it was made in a London Tin Pan Alley studio.A recording made by a young North of Scotland professional 'beat' bandhas been released in Britain for the very first time ... fifty yearsafter 'Love in the Wind' was taped at a studio in Britain's Tin PanAlley.It is one of two songs recorded in a single day by the band, formed in1969 in Scotland's only North Coast town, during a single-day sessionin the West End of London's famous Denmark Street studios ... all forthe cost of a bottle of malt whisky!Spiggy Topes was founded in Thurso, Caithness, at a time when the localeconomy was booming thanks to the 'white heat of technology' beingutilised to the full in the spherical 'dome' at the futuristicfast-reactor nuclear research complex at nearby Dounreay........ A 5 CD boxed set is just out from Amazon.

HMRCLatest Update On Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme For Employers andEmployees
The scheme is being revised regularly so anyone is advisedto check it every few days as it is still being developed.

EmergencyHelp For Those Worse Affected By Coronavirus - ?8 Million Boost
Key support services get ?8 million boost.People most at risk from the impacts of the coronavirus outbreak are toreceive further support following emergency investment in crucialservices.Charities Scottish Women's Aid, Social Bite and other key partners willshare up to ?8 million to provide an emergency response and ensureservices can react to coronavirus (COVID-19).Disadvantaged groups facing hardships such as homelessness, foodinsecurity or social isolation and loneliness are among those tobenefit from services such as:.....................

Supportingpeople affected by alcohol and drug use
Extra support for people affected by alcohol and drug useduring the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has been announced by theMinister for Public Health Joe FitzPatrick.Funding of ?166,000 from the Scottish Government will support:. a programme to increase access to naloxone in new settings, includinginvestment in kits to add to the existing outlets for naloxone supply.

CrimestoppersScotland: Doorstep Crime During The Coronavirus Crisis -Speak Up, Stay Safe
Crimestoppers covid advice
has today, 6th April 2020, launched a vitalDoorstep Crime campaign aimed at empowering people to stay safe intheir homes.Right now, everyone has a role to play in keeping themselves and otherssafe, that's why the charity are appealing to people to share themessage on keeping safe at home, especially with those who are most atriskDoorstep criminals are cunning, creative, and often very convincing attargeting people, that's why our charity is encouraging people to:THINK, SECURE, QUESTION, CONSIDER AND CONTROL.

CoronavirusFood Fund In Scotland - Support To Put Meals On Tables
Families unable to access food as a result of thecoronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak will get support from local authoritieswith ?30 million of new investment from the Scottish Government FoodFund.The funding will support those most in need including families withchildren who are eligible for free school meals, older people, thosewith long-term health conditions and pregnant women.

Coronavirussupport from returning staff and students
Almost 10,000 people, including more than 4,700 health care staff,
haveso far come forward to offer the NHS in Scotland their skills andexpertise during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.The figure includes medical and nursing students, retired NHS staff,those on a career break from the NHS and healthcare workers fromoutside the NHS.In addition there are a number of doctors and other healthprofessionals who may come forward as a result of the work of theprofessional regulatory bodies.Depending on their specialism, there are different plans in place forstudents to carry out paid employment in the NHS while also being ableto complete their qualifications.New recruits joining the service on fixed-term contracts will beentitled to receive maximum sick pay entitlement, the same as staffwith five years' service. PVG and Disclosure checks are also beingfast-tracked to allow new recruits to take up posts as soon aspossible.
Coronavirus:If we are in a war against COVID-19 then we need to know where theenemy is
Corona War?
Thefight against COVID-19 has launched a thousand military metaphors inthe British press. The "greatest challenge since the Second World War","the frontline", the virus is an "invisible enemy", and so forth. Uscitizens feel besieged and under threat as we retreat to our foxholes.If this is a war, how is Britain doing? The frontline troops arerunning out of protective gear (PPE), ammunition (beds) and heavyequipment (ventilators). Supply lines are stretched thin. Meanwhile,the country's leadership - the prime minister, secretary of state forhealth and the chief medical officer - are self-isolated in theirbunkers where they cannot be functioning at 100%.

HighlandCouncil To Provide School Meals Throughout Easter Break
Highland Council will continue to provide school mealsthrough e-vouchers to families throughout the school Easter break. Thisis to recognise the particular difficulties many families will beexperiencing due to the Coronavirus emergency.This innovative and easy-to-use service is being delivered digitallythrough the use of e-vouchers which will ensure over 4,000 schoolchildren will continue to receive support for school meals whileschools are closed. Families who are already receiving free school mealprovision do not need to apply as the Council will automaticallyprovide barcoded e-vouchers to eligible families.  Forany families who are still to apply and to check if you qualify see thelink inside.
Coronavirus(COVID-19): shielding support and contacts
Details of shielding support in local areas to arrange forfoodand medicine deliveries, and other support services.Highest risk classificationSome groups of people are considered to be at extremely high risk ofsevere illness with Coronavirus (COVID-19). If you are in this groupyou will receive a letter from NHS Scotland or be contacted by yourdoctor. If you are in this group you should follow shielding measures.Shielding is only recommended for those at highest risk of severeillness if they contract Coronavirus (COVID-19). This group of peoplewill be advised to take very stringent measures to protect themselvesfrom contracting the virus and will be contacted by letter. Community Index

Coronavirus(COVID-19): tailored advice for those who live withspecific medical conditions
These conditions include: cancer, diabetes, heart disease,IBD; chronic kidney and liver disease; dermatological, neurological,respiratory and rheumatic conditions; and rare diseases.  Folow the links to specifc advice on the conditions.

SupportingThe Seafood Sector
?10 million assistance for processing businesses duringCOVID-19 pressures.Financial support for seafood processors to help them through economicpressures related to COVID-19 will be available through a new ?10million scheme.With many seafood businesses fighting for survival, and in turnthreatening livelihoods in coastal communities, the Scottish SeafoodBusiness Resilience Fund provides a combination of grants and loans tobusinesses suffering severe hardship following the shutdown ofinternational markets and the food service industry across the UK.Business Index

DeliveriesFor High Risk Group
Local services to supply groceries and medicines to thosemost at risk.People in Scotland at highest risk of severe illness from coronavirus(COVID-19) will begin to receive home deliveries of essential grocerieson Friday.Letters from the Chief Medical Officer have been issuing this week tothose who are at greatest risk of COVID-19, to provide bespoke guidanceon shielding from infection and information about the supportavailable, which includes access to home deliveries through a textmessage service.

EasterChildcare For Key Workers - Hubs To Remain Open Over The SpringBreak
Learning and childcare hubs for the children of keyworkers will remain open across Scotland over the Easter holidays.The move will help support key workers in the NHS and other key sectorson the frontline of the response to coronavirus (COVID-19).All of Scotland's local authorities will keep learning and childcarehubs open in their areas to support children and young people.  Business Index

FarmersUrged To Wade Into Bird Conservation
Farmersand land managers have an important role to play in reversing thedeclining numbers of wading birds in Scotland, according to a newreport.The Working for Waders annual report has highlighted a steep decline inthe number of wading birds, including lapwings, oystercatchers andcurlews, over the past 25 years. It warns that without urgent action,these iconic birds could soon be lost.

Biodiversity Caithness Photos Galleries
One  Two  Three  Four  Five  Six  Seven  Eight  Nine

NeonatalExpenses Fund Terms and Conditions
The Neonatal Expenses Fund (NEF) is designed tohelp parents of premature and sick newborn babies to offset the cost oftraveling to and from hospital during the early days of their baby'slife and the subsistence required to allow them to spend time withtheir baby/ies in order to bond as a family during these early days.
Newsupport for creative sector during COVID-19 outbreak
Help for Creative and Arts sectors during covid crisis
CreativeScotland has launched three funding programmes designed to providefurther support to sustain the country's creative community during theCOVID-19 outbreak:A Creative ScotlandBridging Bursary Fundwill help sustain creative practice by freelance creative professionalswho have lost earnings due to the cancelation of work as a result ofCOVID-19.A parallel Screen Scotland Bridging Bursary Fund willprovide similar one-off bursary support to self-employed screen sectorworkers.The Open Fund: SustainingCreative Development will provide support for individualsand organisations to sustain their creative development in the comingmonths.   Arts Index

VitaminD: advice for all age groups - Scottish Government RevisedAdvice On Coronavirus
Revised guidance from Scottish Government to reflect theCoronavirus (COVID-19) situation and the advice to stay at home.Vitamin D: advice for all age groupsWe are currently advising people to stay at home. For most people, thiswill mean being indoors for much of the day and not getting enoughvitamin D from sunshine exposure.
SupportingLocal Highland Businesses During Covid-19
The Highland Council is working hard to release businessgrantsto eligible local businesses as quickly as possible.The Council has received over 2,000 applications since the scheme wasintroduced last week and has set up systems to process theseapplications quickly while ensuring the necessary information isreceived.

BusyFirst Week For Highland Council's Covid-19 Helpline
Since The Highland Council's dedicated helpline went livelast Wednesday afternoon staff have dealtwith over 1,600 calls.The helpline has been set to give assistance and to collect details ofindividuals and community groups looking to provide volunteeringsupport. In the first 7 days the majority of the callers have beenseeking support for businesses, along with providing offers tovolunteer. Already we have over240 groups offering assistance.The single line helpline- 0300 303 1362 - is open between 8am and 6pm and isstaffed by volunteers from Eden Court and the Council. As well asdirectly assisting callers, staff, who are all home based, are alsosignposting people to other organisations that can provide help andassistance too. All callsare free.    Business Index

Helpavailable for Council Tax payers in Highland
Council tax payers in Highland who have lost their jobs orare experiencing a drop in their income are being encouraged to applyas quickly as possible for a reduction in their council tax.This help, known as the 'Council Tax Reduction Scheme', is availablefor lower income households, including home owners.The person named on the council tax bill can apply online using theHighland Council's Apply Once form. Applicants supply their detailsonly once and the Council will automatically award a range ofCouncil-administered benefits that the applicant is entitled toreceive.Council tax payers who live alone are also prompted to apply for a 25%single person discount using the Apply Once form which is available onthe Council's website at:..............more
Business Index

BillingPause For Business Rate Payers In Highland
Around 19,000 business rate payers in Highland will not receive theirannual rates bill this April.
The Highland Council recognises the exceptional economic challenges forlocal business and has therefore decided to pause business rates billsin respect of financial year 2020/21.The decision to pause will be kept under regular review and is intendedto help mitigate the impacts of coronavirus on local businesses and thelocal economy.Supporting businesses in this way means that the business communitydoes not have to worry about paying their rates bills for the timebeing.
Business Index

ShieldingFor The Extremely Vulnerable In Highland
What is 'shielding'?If you fall within one of the groups recommended to shield, you willhave received a letter or text from the NHS.Shielding is a measure to protect extremely vulnerable people byminimising contact between those who are extremely vulnerable andothers. This means that those who are extremely vulnerable should notleave their homes, and should minimise all non-essential contact withother members of their household. This is to protect those who are atvery high risk of severe illness from coronavirus (COVID-19).If you think you have a condition which makes you extremely vulnerableyou are strongly advised to shield yourself, to reduce the chance ofgetting coronavirus (COVID-19) and follow the face-to-face distancingmeasures below......................
StayAt Home Guidance - Parks, Open Spaces And Public Toilets
During this time of restrictions it is important that weallstay active, for our physical health and mental well being.Recreation outside is an important element of this, but it is essentialthat each of us practice good social distancing while outside. Youshould not travel to access the outdoors, and your time spent outsideexercising should be done close to your home rather than travellingelsewhere.

TextileRecycling Banks Closed Across Highland
The public are advised that until further notice, textilebankservicing by charities across the region has ceased or is severelydisrupted due to staff shortages. A Highland Council spokesperson said:"It may be tempting have a clear out while at home, but we urge peopleto follow the Government advice to protect yourself and others; to stayat home and only go outside for essential food, health and workreasons.

CaithnessFood Bank Busier Than Ever Getting Support From Highland Highlife StaffVolunteers
Grant Ramsay
Caithnessfood Bank has been busier than ever but managing to keep support goingin both centres in Caithness.The team of volunteers are adhering go the Covid19 guidance and quite afew are staying at home due to their age and/or vulnerability.The group are managing social distancing and now using a deliveryservice with the invaluable support from Highlife Highland staffvolunteers.

Check out what is needed at the moment..............

GovernmentCracks Down On Spread Of False Coronavirus InformationOnline
Specialist units across government are working at pace tocombatfalse and misleading narratives about coronavirus, ensuring the publichas the right information to protect themselves and save lives.The Rapid Response Unit, operating from within the Cabinet Office andNo10, is tackling a range of harmful narratives online - from purported'experts' issuing dangerous misinformation to criminal fraudstersrunning phishing scams.

Freehospital TV for patients
Charges covered for three months.Patients in six hospitals across Scotland are to receive free bedsidetelevision for the next three months.While restrictions are in place for visiting patients in hospitals, andin recognition of the impact this could have on the wellbeing ofpatients, the Scottish Government has agreed a package with broadcastproviders Hospedia to give free TV to all inpatients for the next threemonths.

Nationalvolunteering plan for coronavirus
Campaign launched for those able to give support.A new 'Scotland Cares' campaign has been launched to encourage peopleto volunteer during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.While the most important ask for the public remains to stay at home andfollow the essential public health guidance, people who are healthy andnot at risk can volunteer to provide practical or emotional help tothose most in need.
FirstFood Parcels Delivered To Clinically Vulnerable People In England
The first free food boxes containing essential supplieshavebeen delivered in England to those at highest risk from coronavirus.Government confirms first boxes have been delivered to those at highestrisk from coronavirus as biggest effort to deliver supplies to those inneed since World War Two begins.1.5m clinically vulnerable people have been advised by the NHS to stayat home for 12 weeks and be shielded from coronavirus. 900,000vulnerable people have received letters from the NHS giving themguidance this week. First of 50,000 free food boxes containing essential supplies andhousehold items such as pasta and tinned goods will be delivered thisweekend

GovernmentAgrees Measures With Telecoms Companies
To Support Vulnerable Consumers Through Covid-19
A joint statement from the Government, Ofcom andthe telecommunications industry.Following constructive discussions with the Digital Secretary andOfcom, the UK's major telecommunications providers have today agreed aset of important commitments to support and protect vulnerableconsumers and those who may become vulnerable due to circumstancesarising from Covid-19.The UK's major internet service and mobile providers, namely BT/EE,Openreach, Virgin Media, Sky, TalkTalk, O2, Vodafone, Three,Hyperoptic, Gigaclear, and KCOM have all agreed the followingcommitments, effective immediately:

ProtectionFor Health And Social Care Staff
Improved distribution system for vital equipment.New measures are being introduced to further improve the distributionof personal protective equipment (PPE) to health and social care staff.From Monday 30 March the improvements will both provide regularsupplies and improve the distribution of masks, aprons, gloves andother crucial items of PPE direct to those on the frontline who needit.

TenantsTo Be Given Extra Protection
Emergency Scottish legislation in response to coronavirus.Private and social tenants will be given increased protection fromeviction during the coronavirus pandemic.Emergency legislation will increase the minimum notice period forprivate and social tenants to up to six months depending on the groundsused, helping to protect them from eviction.

ExtraSupport For Crime Victims During Pandemic
Justice Secretary announces ?100,000 'victims fund' tohelp those in need.Victims of crime struggling financially amid the coronavirus (COVID-19)pandemic will be able to access assistance worth up to ?3,000, JusticeSecretary Humza Yousaf has announced.A victims' fund of ?100,000 will help meet immediate financial needs ofvictims, paying for a wide range of goods and services where they haveno other access to funds.

Supportingtourism through coronavirus
Economic assistance confirmed.Rural Economy and Tourism Secretary Fergus Ewing has pledged financialsupport following the closure of businesses including cafes, pubs,restaurants, cinemas and leisurecentres.....................Self-catering accommodation and caravanswill be eligible for both the one-off ?10,000 grant for smallbusinesses and the one-off ?25,000 grant for businesses in the retail,hospitality and leisure sectors where this is the primary source ofearned income and the property is let for 140 days or more.

ThursoHigh School Rock Challenge - Get The Heaphones on and sit Back for 8 Minutes - Wow
Thurso Rock ScotlandThurso High Rock Challenge

Iolaire - Well Done Thurso High - 
Thurso High School's Rock Challenge performance was lastyear?!They came second in Scotland with their dance and drama interpretationof the Iolaire disaster.Despite spending months working hard towards this year's performance,they've now been denied the opportunity to show the public just howfabulously these talented young people work together and the amazingthings they create.It's an 8 minute ish professionally filmed performance.

NewMaritime Pics Caithness book
New Book of Caithness Maritime Photos
Asa follow up to the 2020 Caithness Maritime Calendar, MaritimePics ispleased to announce a hardback A4 size book "MaritimePics Caithness".Containing full colour photographs of 76 vessels taken in Caithness,including Ferries, Cargo Ships, Support Ships, RNLB, Fishing Boats& local boats Annie Rose, Beeny, Cheryl Ann, Eun Na Mara, KarenJane, Kestrel, Ma Rona, Sea Menace, Seagem II & Tenacity.

TowheadHeading For Subsea 7
Towhead for Subsea7 16 March 2020
Beforethe Lockdown emergency another huge Towhead arrived.

WhatAre Enterprising Companies Doing To Help Scotland's Businesses AndCommunities
Caroll Buxton
Whilethe primary focus must, of course, be on saving lives, itis also incumbent on those of us responsible for supporting Scotland'seconomy to be doing all we can to help businesses, workers andcommunities through this time of extraordinary challenge.The UK and Scottish Governments have already outlined unprecedentedfinancial and economic measures.To complement those measures, Scotland's three enterprise agencies areworking together with their partners to support businesses the lengthand breadth of the country.

Fundingfor digital mental health services
Additional ?3.8 million to expand support.Extra funding to develop mental health services to cope with furtherdemand as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has beenconfirmed by the Scottish Government.

100%rates relief for heavily-impacted sectors
Support for businesses during economic emergency.The retail, hospitality and leisure sectors along with aviationindustries will be aided by rates relief to support them during theCoronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.New regulations introduced to the Scottish Parliament confirm a 100%rates relief for these sectors for the whole of 2020-21. This willcover a range of businesses, including restaurants, bars, pubs, cafes,shops, cinemas, bingo halls and letting agents.

SupportingSuppliers During Coronavirus (covid-19) Outbreak
Economy Secretary announces help for companies.New guidance has been published for public sector organisations tosupport suppliers during the coronavirus outbreak. This includes:modifying terms of contracts to offer contractors reliefagreeing interim payment proposals and modifications to currentcontractsaccelerating payment practices to ensure suppliers are paid as quicklyas possible.

Coronavirus(covid-19): Advice For Beekeepers
Guidelines for people working with honey bees. Defra, Scottish Government and the Welsh Government ask you asbeekeepers to be responsible and to ensure that you continue goodbeekeeping practices, effective stock management and health checkswhilst observing the Government's guidance on COVID-19.You should follow Public Health guidance on social distancing.Everyone, including beekeepers, should avoid gatherings of more thantwo people and this includes at your apiary. You should maintain adistance of 2 metres between yourself and others to limit the spread ofCOVID-19.

Coronavirus(covid-19): Advice To Owners Of Companion Animals AndLivestock
Advice to owners of companion animals and livestock whomay be required to self-isolate as part of government advice oncoronavirus (COVID-19).

CoronavirusGuidance For Animal Owners
Advice on caring for animals during outbreak.Guidance for animal owners related to the coronavirus (COVID-19)outbreak has been published by the Scottish Government.

HighlandCouncil Helpline Now Up And Running
Highland Council Helpline during Corona Crisis
TheHighland Council has launched a free helpline to giveassistance and to collect details of individuals and community groupslooking to provide volunteering support during Covid19.The single line number - 0300 303 1362 - will connect callers torelevant Council specialist teams and will operate Monday to Fridayfrom 8am to 6pm. All calls are free.Callers will be able to get advice on benefits and personal support,education and social care and there will also be advice for businesseswho may need help with financial support. Helpline staff will also besignposting callers to other organisations that can provide help andassistance as well as gathering offers from individuals or communitygroups wishing to volunteer.  Business Index  Community Index
Publicurged to keep eyes and ears open for children at risk duringCOVID-19
With the closure of schools and nurseries during theCOVID-19 crisis, a national child protection group is urging everyoneto keep their eyes and ears open for children who may be at risk duringthis time.Child Protection Committees Scotland, a national grouping of childprotection professionals, supports all efforts by the ScottishGovernment, local authorities and the third sector to keep childrensafe from harm during the enforced break in normal routine......Theonus of care has now shifted from schools to local communities, andwe're asking everyone to keep their eyes and ears open............

AllHighland Council play parks closed
Signs are going up at Highland Council play parks toreinforce the message that they are all closed due to coronavirus(COVID-19) and will remain closed until further notice.The Highland-wide closures are for health and safety reasons and are inline with the latest national guidance to limit the spread ofCoronavirus. Community Index

CaithnessFM will be broadcasting 7pm to 10pm daily from Monday 30thMarch
Caithness FM has been off air for a few days but will beback starting Monday.Groups who are working to help our community please let us know whatyou are doing, what help you need or any other message you would likethe public to hear.   Community Index

HMRC - Claim For Wage Costs Through The Coronavirus Job RetentionScheme

Guidance for employers on the coronavirus (COVID-19) JobRetention Scheme.

HMRC - Check If You Could Be Covered By The Coronavirus Job RetentionScheme

Find out if your employer is eligible, and how much youremployer can claim if they're unable to operate or have no work for youto do because of coronavirus (COVID-19). Further details will bepublished shortly.

JohnO'Groats Trail Spring 2020 Newsletter
A Trall Bridge
2019was a big year for the JOGT. Numbers on the trail were way up, and apilot ranger programme was a success. Though 2020 will be a challengingyear for us all, we will continue to improve the trail. But we needyour help.

March Donation and Membership AppealOur online donations provider "Wonderful.org" has notified us they areshutting down due to knock-on effects of the coronavirus. Their lastday in operation is this Tuesday, 31 March. They have assured us thatall donations made up to and on that day will be deposited to ouraccount.

SocialDistancing Enforcement Measures In Place
New powers will help ensure compliance and save lives.Businesses and the public in Scotland are now required by law to follownecessary social distancing measures to slow the spread of coronavirus.The Scottish Government is using powers from the UK Coronavirus Bill tomake it a criminal offence to flout the strict public health guidancethat is helping save lives.

HighlandCouncil To Launch E-vouchers For Free School Meals
Highland Council will be providing e-vouchers to familiesto support access to free school meals from week commencing 30 March2020. This innovative and easy-to-use service will ensure over 4,000school children will continue to receive support for school meals whileschools are closed. For the majority of pupils, this will be delivereddigitally through e-vouchers for food in local supermarkets. To commence From Monday 30th March.

PrimeMinister Boris Johnson Has Been Tested Positive For Coronavirus
The Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Twitter Friday 27 March 2020 to ay he has been tested positive for Corona Virus
Theprime minster Boris Johnson has testedpositive for Corona Virus. He has mild symptoms so far and will selfisolate. He intends to continue working at present using videoconferencing to keep in touch with his officials.

The prime minister posted a video message about his condition onTwitter.

KeepingHealthcare Workers Safe - Extra Respirators Brought Into Use
Action has been taken to bring an additional 1.5million protective respirators into use from NHS Scotland's centralstockpile.

FirefightersAnd Retired Emergency Workers To Help With CoronavirusProblems
Firefighters in UK look set to become ambulance drivers ifnecessary. In addition Ex-police and ambulance staff urged to return toduty.

CoronavirusAnd The Upcoming Rise In The National Living Wage
Over the past decade employment has grown very strongly,from 29 million to 33 million in work (70% and 76% of the working agepopulation). At the same time wages have grown at historically slowrates. The government response has been to cut working age benefits andto increase minimum wages. There are problems with such a policy, butit makes some sense in the context of a low wage, high employmentlabour market.

TheEconomic Response To Coronavirus Will Substantially Increase GovernmentBorrowing
Only taking account of measures announced so far, and evenif the economy "only" shrinks by 5% per cent this year,we might expect borrowing in the comingfinancial year to exceed ?175 billion, or more than 8% ofnational income. This would be more than triple the amount forecast inthe Budget just two weeks ago.

CaithnessGeneral Hospital Prepared For Covid 19 Patients
Caithness General Hospital in Wick have made a number ofchanges within the hospital to prepare to receive Covid 19 patients.The maternity unit (Henderson) has been moved to the ground floor withthe unit being reserved now for the arrival of any patients with Covid19.

Covid-19:Care At Home
NHS Highland (Highland Council area) Adult Social Care supportsapproximately 6000 people
in the community. Thiscommunity will be largely the most vulnerable community population whenit comes to Covid-19.It is anticipated that delivery of care for our most vulnerable people,throughout Highland, Scotland and the rest of the United Kingdom, willbe required to stretch further and we therefore need to ensure thatavailable care packages are focussed on those who need it most.

Covid-19- Dental Services In Highland
Routine dental care services in high street practices inScotland have been suspended. If you feel you have an URGENT dentalneed, in normal working hours, you should contact your practice, whowill provide advice, reassurance or telephone assessment. DO NOT GO ALONG TO YOUR DENTIST- you should telephone your practice on their usual number. Yourdentist will be able to give you advice, including on taking painrelief or prescribe antibiotics.

Covid-19Self-employment Income Support Scheme - HMRC Notice AfterChancellors Announcment
Self-employed people do not need to get in touch with HMRCas the scheme isn't yet open for applications. HMRC will contacteligible customers by the beginning of June, inviting them to apply.

New?100 Million Campaign To Reach Up To A Billion People Globally ToStop The Spread Of Coronavirus
TheUK government is working with Unilever to fund a globalprogramme to urgently tackle the spread of coronavirus.The programme will reach up to a billion people worldwide, raisingawareness and changing behaviour, to make sure people are washing theirhands with soap regularly and disinfecting surfaces.It is backed by funding of up to ?50 million each from both theDepartment for International Development and Unilever. Over 20 millionhygiene products in the developing world, including in areas wherethere is little or no sanitation.Such support is vital to stop the spread of the disease in thedeveloping world and will also limit its further potential spread inthe UK. Tackling the disease in developing countries will also reduceits potential future impact .

ChancellorGives Support To Millions Of Self-employed Individuals
Rishi Sunak - Cancellorof Exchequer announces huge funding packeg for Self Employed
RishiSunak announces world-leading scheme to support the UK's self-employedaffected by the coronavirus outbreak.
Direct cash grant of 80%of their profits, up to ?2,500 per monthlatest announcement in an unprecedented package of government supportto protect businesses and individualsMillions of self-employed individuals will receive direct cash grantsthough a ground-breaking UK-wide scheme to help them during thecoronavirus outbreak, the Chancellor announced today.In the latest step to protect individuals and businesses, Rishi Sunakhas set out plans that will see the self-employed receive up to ?2,500per month in grants for at least 3 months.

G20Leaders' Summit - Statement On Covid-19: 26 March 2020
5 Trillion dollars
to Be Injected To the World Economy.G20 leaders made a statement on COVID-19 after a virtual summit.The unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic is a powerful reminder of ourinterconnectedness and vulnerabilities. The virus respects no borders.Combatting this pandemic calls for a transparent, robust, coordinated,large-scale and science-based global response in the spirit ofsolidarity. We are strongly committed to presenting a united frontagainst this common threat.

PMAnnounces Record Funding To Find A Coronavirus Vaccine
Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced record fundingto find a coronavirus vaccine.Prime Minister calls on world leaders to collaborate to speed upvaccine development for coronavirus.UK is now the biggest contributor to the international coalition tofind a vaccine, with ?210 million further funding announced today.UK also announcing new funding to accelerate production of rapid testsand treatments for the virus.Total amount of UK aid spent fighting coronavirus now stands at ?544million.

TaxHelpline To Support Businesses Affected By Coronavirus (covid-19)
New HMRC helpline launched to help businesses concernedabout paying their tax due to coronavirus (COVID-19).HMRC has a set up a phone helpline to support businesses andself-employed people concerned about not being able to pay their taxdue to coronavirus (COVID-19).The helpline allows any business or self-employed individual who isconcerned about paying their tax due to coronavirus to get practicalhelp and advice. Up to 2,000 experienced call handlers are available tosupport businesses and individuals when needed.

ProtectingWorkers During Coronavirus Outbreak
Economy Secretary Fiona Hyslop and STUC General SecretaryGrahame Smith have issued a joint statement outlining the sharedcommitment to fair work practices in Scotland.The statement calls on employers, trades unions and workers to worktogether to reach the right decisions on all workplace issues thatarise throughout the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and ensure workersare treated fairly.

ScottishGovernment begins monitoring uptake and provision of childcareplaces
The Scottish Government has begun monitoring the uptakeand provision of places in early learning and childcare settings. Thisincludes private and third-sector all-day childcare services includingnurseries, out of school care and childminders (not local authoritysettings). Information in relation to local authority settings will begathered on a separate survey.

NewHighland Third Sector Covid 19 Web Site
You will see plenty of useful information all in oneplace.There is a register of activities, a space to register your activity,register for volunteering opportunities.The site is going to grow fast in the next few days

StatementFrom Transport Scotland On Restrictions On Non-essential Ferry TravelCoronavirus - Covid-19
Statement from Transport Scotland on restrictions onnon-essential ferry travel to Scotland's remote and island communitiesIn response to the Coronavirus pandemic, the Scottish Government hasmade clear the need to avoid all but essential travel by ferry toScotland's remote and island communities.From Sunday 22 March 2020, until further notice, ferries will be forthose who live on our islands, who have an essential need to travel toor from the mainland and for essential supplies or business. Nothingelse.Only if a prospectivetraveller can evidence that they are either an island resident, a keyworker or travelling to provide medical support to family members willthey be sold a ticket and permitted to travel.For residents that evidence could be a recent utility bill plus photoID or Island Card.

UrgentLetter From Maree Todd MSP To All Child Minders
Following the Scottish and UK Government's announcementson 23 March 2020 about the latest measures necessary to reduce thespread of COVID-19, this guidance note sets out the implications forchildminding services in Scotland.
Charitiesand Coronavirus: An update from the regulator In Scotland - OSCR
OSCR - The Scottish Charities Regulator
has issued arange of informtation and guidance on several topics - submittingreturns, AGM's and more.

EnergyAdvice During Covid19 Outbreak
If you have a pre-payment meter you are encouraged to tryto keep at least 14 days' worth of credit on your meter(s) in case youneed to self isolate. You should contact your electricity/gas supplierstraightaway if for any reason you can't top up your meter. Thisincludes if you are ill with coronavirus or following guidance to stayat home and self-isolate, and if you don't have anyone to help you.Your supplier will discuss with you what options there are to offer yousupport.

GovernmentLaunches Coronavirus Information Service On Whatsapp
The UK Government has today launched a GOV.UK CoronavirusInformation service on WhatsApp.The new free to use service aims to provide official, trustworthy andtimely information and advice about coronavirus (COVID-19), and willfurther reduce the burden on NHS services.

VehicleOwners To Be Granted Mot Exemption In Battle AgainstCoronavirus
Temporary exemption will enable vital servicesto continue, frontline workers to get to work, and people to getessential food and medicine during the COVID-19 outbreak.
**cars, motorcycles andvans to be granted MOT exemption**
**this will allow people to carry on with essential travel**
**vehicles must be kept in roadworthy condition

CoronavirusSupport For Seafood Fishing Industry
Extra payments to help sector through coronavirus outbreak.
The seafood sector is to receive an initial package of more than ?5million in financial support to assist businesses during thecoronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.Funding will be offered to over 650 seafood fishing companies, many ofwhom have lost their livelihoods with the collapse of export andhospitality markets for Scottish delicacies like langoustine, prawnsand crab.

KeyWorker Hubs Set Up By Highland Council
The Council has been working at pace to set up centres forthe children of key workers. Anyone who has applied for a place at oneof the key worker hubs in the Highland Council area will be contactedby the end of today (Wednesday 25th) with confirmation of thearrangements that have been put in place. The centres are expected tobe hosted at the following schools: Millburn Academy, Inverness RoyalAcademy; Dingwall Academy; Portree High School; Lochaber High School;Ullapool Academy; Golspie High School, Noss Primary and Miller Academy.

HighlandCouncil Helpline Now Up And Running From 2.00pm Today
The Highland Council has launched a freehelpline to give assistance and to collect details of individuals andcommunity groups looking to provide volunteering support duringCovid19. The number will be live from 2:00pm today (Wednesday 25 March)The single line number - 0300 303 1362 - will connect callers torelevant Council specialist teams and will operate Monday to Fridayfrom 8:00am to 6:00pm. All calls are free.

Homelessness- Delivering Statutory Services - No Evictions Now
Due to the COVID19 restrictions and the closure of CouncilService Points, there has been a change in the way Highland Councilprovides its Homeless services.If you become Homeless, please contact the Council's Service Centre on01349 886602 (during office hours) and 01349 886691 (out of hours) forfurther help and support. All contact should be made by telephone inthe first instance.  Evictions Temproarily Stopped.

Covid-19(coronavirus) - Advice For Highland Council Tenants
As a landlord, the Council's priority is maintaining thewelfare of our tenants and providing you with essential services atthis difficult time.The situation is changing daily, but this bulletin contains the mostup-to-date information about where you can seek advice if you have anyconcerns about your wellbeing, income or other tenancy matters.

VirtualRoundtable: Impact of COVID-19 on the charities sectorRegistration, Thu 26 Mar
Virtual meeting to advise on what is happening for charities
ForCOVID-19 and charities - what do you need to know?An Online Session. - Onehour 12.30 - 1.30pm Thursday 26 March.
The aim of this session is to provide an overview of the most pressingemployment law and governance issues arising from the COVID-19 crisis,together with pragmatic dialogue on best practice. Covering the latestGovernment announcements in relation to staff and what they mean forcharities as well as governance issues.

MeygenGranted ?1.545m For Pioneering Subsea Hub From The ScottishGovernment
SIMEC Atlantis Energy Limited ("Atlantis")
, aglobal developer, owner and operator of sustainable energy projects, ispleased to advise that MeyGen Plc ("MeyGen") has been awarded a ?1.545million grant from the Scottish Government's Saltire Tidal EnergyChallenge Fund to develop a subsea tidal turbine connection hub for thenext phase of development of the MeyGen tidal power array, the world'slargest tidal stream power project.

SupportingCoronavirus Key Workers
Further guidance to employers published.To ensure front line staff in the fight against coronavirus (COVID-19)have access to essential childcare provision, employers are being urgedto think critically about what staff are considered key workers.The plea from the Scottish Government and COSLA comes as furtherguidance on key workers is published.

ShieldingPeople At Risk From Coronavirus
Tailored support to protect those at highestrisk.New guidance and local support is being implemented to help shieldaround 200,000 of the most at-risk Scots from coronavirus (COVID-19).The measures are tailored towards supporting people with the highestrisk of severe illness from the virus, as identified by the UK's ChiefMedical Officers. Scotland's CMO Dr Catherine Calderwood will also bewriting to those identified as being at greatest risk in the comingdays to provide further information and bespoke guidance on how to bestprotect themselves from infection.

EmergencyCoronavirus Powers
UK Coronavirus Bill supported by MSPs.The Scottish Parliament has backed measures contained in UK emergencylegislation that will help strengthen Scotland's response tocoronavirus (COVID-19).The UK Coronavirus Bill, which was introduced to the House of Commonson 19 March, includes new reserved and devolved laws that will help toslow the spread of the virus.

CampsitesAnd Caravan Parks To Close
Visitors staying on leisure sites asked to return home.In line with recent advice on coronavirus (COVID-19) announced by theFirst Minister, campsites, caravan and holiday parks in Scotland are toclose immediately to new arrivals, including tourers, other transientvisitors and holiday lets. Sites should also advise current visitorsand owners of second homes on sites to return home and stay at home,where they can do so safely and practically.

Covid-19Testing To Get Key Workers Back To Work
Prioritised testing for coronavirus (COVID-19)will allow key health and social care workers to return to work, HealthSecretary Jeane Freeman has announced.

BusinessGrant Applications Sought - Grants ?10,000 and ?25,000 NowAvailable
The Highland Council today launched on behalf of theScottish Government, the COVID-19 business grant scheme. Grants of?10,000 and ?25,000 are available for eligible businesses.
Retail,hospitality and leisure businesses with a rateable value between?18,001 and up to and including ?51,000 will be able to apply for a oneoff grant of ?25,000 if operating in that sector as at 17 March 2020. 
Only one grant is allowed per ratepayer regardless of the number ofpremises held.
 Nearly 5700businesses inHighland are eligible for the grants.  Apply now online.
StatementFrom Northlink Ferries
Stuart Garrett, Serco's Managing Director ofNorthLink Ferries, said: "The wellbeing of our passengers and staff isalways our top priority and since the outset of COVID-19 we have takenall the necessary precautions to ensure their health and safety. Wehave followed relevant guidelines and advice from the Government andhealth officials and continue to do so. It is for this reason thatrestrictions have been implemented to allow only necessary travelbetween the Scottish mainland and Northern Isles and a reduced on boardoffering. Whilst we do continue to provide a lifeline service we wouldlike to remind all passengers to adhere to Government guidelines whentravelling with us for the safety of themselves, their families and ourstaff."

GetFit - P.E With Joe - Live Workout For Kids Daily
This has gone global on Youtube - a daily work outevery day at 9.00am

HighlandCouncil Issues Householders With Guidance On Recycling And WasteServices During Coronavirus

UrgentAnnouncement From Today
CouncilResponds To Government Lockdown - School Meals Cancelled FromTuesday 24 March
In light of the UK and Scottish Government'sdecision tonight tobegin a three-week lockdown in order to delay the spread of theCoronavirus, the Highland Council has taken the decision to cancel theprovision of school meals tomorrow Tuesday 24th March. The currentformat of provision would involve staff and children gathering atschool premises and this would go against national advice anddirectives.
PMBoris Johnson Address To The Nation On Coronavirus: 23 March 2020 - Country Move Into Lockdown
Boris Johnson 23 March 2020 - Stay at home enforcements
PrimeMinister Boris Johnson addressed the nation on coronavirus.Introducing a near lockdown, All non food stores or pharmacies to beclosed.  Gatherngs of more than two people you donot live withnow banned.  

Police Get New enforcement Powers


First Minister Covid-19Update
Nicola Sturgeon 23 March 2020
Foreveryone, you must stay at home unless it is absolutely essential to goout, and that includes working from home, wherever possible.Stay away from crowded places - even out of doors. And when there areother people around, stay two metres distant from them.That advice is for everyone, but it is especially vital if you are over70, eligible for the flu vaccine, or pregnant.

BenefitClaimants Are Asked To Apply Online As Jobcentres Limit Access
People are being urged to use online services beforeturning to the telephone for help with their benefit claim.With a rise in new claims, and with demand for support over the phoneincreasing, the Department for Work and Pensions is takingunprecedented action to make sure people can get the support they need,including moving 10,000 existing staff to focus on processing newclaims.
Those looking to put in a claim for Universal Credit or Employment andSupport Allowance should apply online. For more information visit UnderstandingUniversal Credit

Additional Increases to Benefits
From 6 April the government is increasing the standard allowance inUniversal Credit and the basic element in Working Tax Credit for oneyear. Both will increase by ?20 per week on top of planned annualuprating. This will apply to all new and existing Universal Creditclaimants and to existing Working Tax Credit claimants.

SocialCare At Heart Of Response To Coronavirus (covid-19)
Scottish Government to meet increased costs.
Councils have been asked to increase support for care at home, nursinghomes and care homes to reduce delayed discharges and free up hospitalbeds.Health Secretary Jeane Freeman has confirmed to COSLA that, subject toexpenditure being aligned to local plans, the Scottish Government willmeet additional costs to increase support and staff capacity in socialcare.The move aims to help the care system adapt to increased pressureplaced on it by COVID -19, with many people requiring continued supportfor daily living, even if they have not contracted the virus.

Isolation NoteFrom NHS - Do Not Contact GP's
If you need a sick note due to coronavirus,don't contact your GP or NHS 24. You can download an isolation notedirectly from NHS Inform

NewNHS 24 Arrangements For Coronavirus
Patients with concerns about symptoms advised to dial 111if they need help.Patients with coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms are now asked to dial NHS24 on 111, day or night, if their symptoms worsen or do not improveafter seven days.

SupportFor Business Water Bills
Relaxation of charges to help with coronavirus pressures.A package of measures worth ?60 million has been agreed between theScottish Government and the water industry to help businesses facingdifficulties with water charges during the coronavirus (COVID-19)outbreak.Scottish Water has agreed to suspend pre-payment charges for licensedproviders for two months, beginning with the April payment. This meansproviders - who supply water services to businesses - can be flexiblewith their own customers at this difficult time.

HighlandCouncil New Helplines to be launched tomorrow
The Highland Council is preparing to launch dedicatedFreephone helplines from tomorrow. One will focus on providing adviceand support for people who want to know how they can volunteer and foranyone needing assistance and help. There will also be helplines foranyone with education enquiries.

Back To School Online
HighlandDigital School Hub -
A Growing Resource
The Highland Council DigiLearn website has a wide range ofresources for pupils at all levels from Early to Senior Phase as wellas those with ASN.
WickHigh Online Learning Reseources
BBC Bitesize

EnhancedRole For Community Pharmacists
Pharmacists empowered to help more patients duringCOVID-19outbreak.Community pharmacists are to perform an enhanced role during theCoronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.Pharmacists will be able to support more patients, reducing thepressure on other parts of NHS Scotland through the extension of theMinor Ailment Service.

CaithnessCitizens Advice
Telephone Advice only for now.

Health Advice
NHSInform Coronavirus
Fit For Work
Taking Sick Leave

For Many People The Benefits System May Be Completely New - Here areLinks To Help
Claiming Benefits -Checking benefit entitlement
BenefitsFor Carers
OtherSources Of Advice

Employee and Business Support
COVID-19:support for businesses
COVID-19:guidance for employees

Coronavirus- Business Support To Launch From Today
Businesses will be able to access government support fromtoday (Monday 23 March) to keep operating in the face of the globaleconomic emergency brought on by coronavirus.The Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme will providegovernment-backed loans of up to ?5 million to small and mediumbusinesses.

Covid-19Essential Travel Guidance - No Travel To Second Homes, CampSites Etc
Essential travel does not include visits to second homes,camp sites, caravan parks or similar, whether for isolation purposes orholidays. People should remain in their primary residence.

TheUK Government Has Effectively Nationalised The Railways Today
The UK government is effectively nationalising the state'srailways for a temporary period, it has been announced.
Rail franchise agreements are to be suspended to avoid train companiescollapsing due to the coronavirus, the Department for Transport (DfT)has announced.
Operators will be paid a small management fee to run services, with allrevenue and cost risk transferred to the Government.

GovernmentEnsures Ticket Refunds And Protects Services For Passengers With RailEmergency MeasuresOffer includes measures to provide fee-free refund of alladvance tickets as passengers follow government advice and work fromhomeThe government is taking emergency measures to support and sustainnecessary rail services as operators face significant drops in theirincome.The Department for Transport will temporarily suspend normal franchiseagreements and transfer all revenue and cost risk to the government fora limited period, initially 6 months. Operators will continue to runservices day-to-day for a small predetermined management fee. Terms and conditions ofemployment for rail workers will not change.
LatestUpdates Regarding Train Travel
Following the latest government update on COVID-19, wewouldlike to reassure customers that everyone across Scotland's Railway isworking flat out to provide transport for people delivering essentialservices.With the unprecedented global crisis, staff availability in ScotRailand Network Rail Scotland has been affected, as well as customerdemand. That's why, from Monday, 23 March 2020, we'll be operating arevised timetable.

MajorNew Measures To Protect People At Highest Risk From Coronavirus
A raft of new measures, including a helpline for the mostin need of support, have been set out for those considered to beextremely vulnerable.Government urges up to 1.5 million people in England who face thehighest risk of being hospitalised by the virus to shield themselvesand stay at home.  Scotland is sending simialr information out to 200,000people.

ConsumersAsked To Shop Considerately
Behaviour fuelling perception of food shortages.As increasing numbers of supermarkets and shops try to deal with thechallenge of replenishing shelves in time to meet demand, the ScottishGovernment has asked consumers to shop considerately - in particular toensure those in the frontline of dealing with COVID-19 are able to getthe supplies they need.

CoronavirusGuidance For Parents And Families
Guidance available on Parent Club to help with impact ofCovid-19.Advice for parents and carers on managing the impact of Covid-19 ontheir child's learning and family life is now available.Following school closures, a new hub of information has been created onparentclub.scot covering health information, advice on how to talkabout Covid-19 and ideas on helping children through this time.In addition; councils and headteachers can also advise parents andcarers on the continued provision of education and childcare for keyworkers.

FlexibilityOn Alcohol Rules Needed
Supporting drinks manufacturers to respond to Covid-19.Finance Secretary Kate Forbes has written to Chancellor Rishi Sunakcalling for greater flexibility on alcohol tax and regulations foralcoholic drink manufacturers that are now looking to produce handsanitiser in response to Covid-19.In the letter Ms Forbes has urged for priority and support to be givento companies who have offered to make hand sanitiser for the NHS andfrontline staff.

Coronavirustravel warning for Highlands and Islands
Tourism Secretary angry about 'irresponsible behaviour'.Rural Economy and Tourism Secretary Fergus Ewing is urging people tostop travelling to the Highlands and Islands in a bid to avoid theCoronavirus.People with second homes and campervans have been reportedly travellingto the area in recent days

SupportingThose Affected By Debt
Sales and evictions halted during COVID-19 outbreak.Accountant in Bankruptcy (AiB) has suspended sale and eviction fromproperty in ongoing bankruptcy administrations until further notice inresponse to the current COVID-19 pandemic.New measures and greater flexibility are also being introduced by AiB -Scotland's insolvency service - to simplify procedures to help thoseseeking debt relief through bankruptcy, or need more time to pay theirdebts through the Debt Arrangement Scheme.
All Church Services Are Cancelled For The Foreseeable Future
Ony close relatives to attend funerals

HMRC has set up pages fullof information and advice for Employers andEmployees
Government has made many announcements and changes in recent days so it wil pay tolook carefully if you need assistance. Further changes are likely in coming days particularly inrespect of self-employed people.

COVID-19:support for businesses

COVID-19:guidance for employees

My Welfare-
information and how to apply for many benefits includingemergency income etc

Coronavirus- school and ELC closures: guidance on critical childcare and learningprovision for key workers
Employers and Employees - Do Not Make Any Rash Decisions Until You ReadThe Package Of Announcments
Many people are worried and about to make decisions ontheir future both as employers or employees.  But you need totake some time to understand the truly massive package of newmeasures of support announced by Rishi Sunak the Chancellor today - - -- -

ChancellorAnnounces Workers' Support Package
A new Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme will be set up to help paypeople's wages. Employers will be able to contact HMRC for a grant tocover most of the wages of their workforce who remain on payroll butare temporarily not working during the coronavirus outbreak. Anyemployer in the country- small or large, charitable or non-profit willbe eligible for the scheme.

Covid-19: Support For Businesses

a Coronavirus Job Retention Schemedeferring VAT and Income Tax payments

a Statutory Sick Pay relief package for SMEs

a 12-month business rates holiday for all retail, hospitality andleisure businesses in Englandsmall business grant funding of ?10,000 for all business in receipt ofsmall business rate relief or rural rate reliefgrant funding of ?25,000 for retail, hospitality and leisure businesseswith property with a rateable value between ?15,000 and ?51,000the

Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme offering loans of up to?5 million for SMEs through the British Business Bank

a new lending facility from the Bank of England to help supportliquidity among larger firms, helping them bridge coronavirusdisruption to their cash flows through loansthe

HMRC Time To Pay SchemeSupport for businesses through the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme

Under the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, all UK employers will beable to access support to continue paying part of their employees'salary for those employees that would otherwise have been laid offduring this crisis.EligibilityAll UK businesses are eligible.

Driving Tests And Mots For HeavyVehicles Suspended For Up To 3 Months
To Help Tackle Spread Of Coronavirus

Items are coming in sofast that to see them all you need tocheck past the front page in the Business Index
Front Page       Page Two     Page Three      Marchitems start on Page Nine  
Not all items appear on this page

Ibuprofenuse and Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Issued by the Medicines and Healthcare products RegulatoryAgency.There is currently no strong evidence that ibuprofen can makecoronavirus (COVID-19) worse.Until we have more information, take paracetamol to treat the symptomsof coronavirus, unless your doctor has told you paracetamol is notsuitable for you.We are aware there has been concern spreading about the use ofibuprofen and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications(NSAIDs) in relation to COVID-19.           Community Index

Coronavirusand claiming benefits
UK government page provides information about coronavirusand claiming benefits. It will continue to be updated.

ReducedRail Timetable Agreed To Protect Train Services And Staff
Reduced Train Services
Governmentand rail operators across the UK agree reductions in service levelsfollowing reduced passenger demand as people change their travelpatterns to help tackle spread of COVID-19.
Move will keep core services running to ensure those who need to get towork, including emergency services and NHS can continue to do so.joint decision also enables important freight services to continue,ensuring sector can support
movement of goods and supplies while passenger services continue forthose most at need.The government and the UK rail industry have agreed a plan that willsee a gradual reduction in train services across the country to reflectlower passenger demand, while keeping vital rail services running.  Business Index

HighlandCouncil Help For Hospitality And Tourism Workers Affected ByCovid19 Crisis
The Highland Council is urging those from thehospitality and tourism sector who have been adversely affected by thecoronavirus crisis to get in touch for support. The Highlands has alarge seasonal workforce, many living in ties accommodation provided bytheir employer. The local authority is aware there may be individualswho have lost employment and potentially accommodation followingdecisions made by some businesses.

HighlandCouncil Universal Credit Claimants Urged To Act Ahead OfAnnual Rent Increase
Highland Council tenants claiming Universal Credit arebeing urged to look out for messages from the Department for Work andPensions (DWP).The messages, due to start being sent to claimants from the 6th April2020 will remind people to log on to their online journal and completea to-do 'Report any changes to your housing costs' to ensure theirentitlement covers their annual rent increase for the year ahead.  Business Index

HighlandsAnd Islands Enterprise - Latest Covid19 Guidance
HIE is doing all it can to gather information and workwith Scottish Government to ensure that the appropriate support isreaching our communities and local economy. We hope to soon have moredetail about how to access the recently announced Scottish Governmentgrants to help communities affected by Covid19........Check the page for linksand numbers to call. More Items in theBusiness Pages

ReducedTrains Timetables From Monday 23 March 2020 Due To Corona Virus
With the unprecedented global crisis, staff availabilityin ScotRail and Network Rail Scotland has been affected, as well ascustomer demand. That's why, from Monday, 23 March 2020, we'll beoperating a revised timetable.

ChangesTo Bus Services Across The Highlands - Reduced Services From Monday 23 March
Temporary changes to bus services across the Highlands arebeing introduced by Stagecoach from Monday 23rd March 2020 followingnew government advice around social contact and non-essential travel tohelp combat the coronavirus.A reduced timetable will operate across the region until furthernotice. The timetables have been carefully created to ensure thatcritical routes are maintained wherever possible.  Business Index

Hearingand Sight Care - closing of centres in Thurso and Wick
In light of the recent advice from NHS Highland inrelation tothe Coronavirus we have decided to close both of our drop-in centres inWick and Thurso. This is an attempt to reduce the spread of the virusand keep our service users and staff safe and well.We are however offering a postal service for issue of batteries andrepairs.
WickHigh School Ready To Learn Digitally During Corona Virus Emergency
Wick High Ready for Digital Learning At Home
Asthe ongoing COVID-19 crisis unfolds, we will post information forparents and pupils here. Please check daily for updates or subscribe toour website's news service by clicking on the 'Follow Wick High School'option on the Wick High page.
As withother schools across the country we will be heavily reliant on onlinelearning and resources to stay in contact with our students. Themajority of this contact will take place through Google Classroom andcan be easily accessed with the student's Chromebook or through anyinternet enabled device which is logged in to the pupil's Google Chromeaccount.

ScottishGovernment Advice for unpaid carers on Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Anyone providing regular support to a vulnerable friend orrelative will want to do what they can to protect their own health andthe health of those they look after during the coronavirus outbreak.Like everyone, unpaid carers (including young carers) and people beingcared for should familiarise themselves with the public health adviceon how to protect themselves from infection.

HighlifeHighland To Close All Archive Centres, Libraries, LeisureCentres, Museums And Swimming Pools
Highlife Highland closing facitlies
High Life Highland today confirmed that the Charity has reached thedifficult decision to close all archive centres, libraries, leisurecentres, museums and swimming pools across the Highlands in line withboth Scottish Government and UK Government's advice to minimise socialcontact.
"We have offered our members the chance to suspend theirmembership during this period; however, on the basis the Charity willcontinue to pay our staff during this challenging periodwe are hopefulthat our high life members will actually continue to pay their monthlysubscriptions, effectively as a charity donation. This will help usretain our dedicated staff and ensure our facilities are prepared forwhen we re-open.
"Although the 'doors will be closing' to the public, wewill still be engaging and paying staff who may be working at theirusual locations. Many ofour staff will be deployed to work in partnership supporting theCouncil's resilience programme throughout Highland communities. Therewill be much that our team members can contribute to our communities aswe face the challenge of the pandemic."
Many new items regarding Coronavirus affects in the Businessand Communitysections today.

HighlandCouncil Focuses On Delivering Statutory Services
The Highland Council is planning for greatly increasedstaff absence levels over the coming days and weeks. National modellingestimates that councilswill see absences of at least 50%over the months ahead. We are no longer operating under business asusual, in order to focus on priority and statutory services.

HighlandCouncil Trading Standards Issues Advice On Covid-19 Scams
In the wake of the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus,Highland Council Trading Standards are issuing a warning to the publicabout a series of new scams related to the virus.

Highland Council to issue muchmore information regarding School Closures on Friday

Caithness Field Club - Saturday 21st March: A walk to the site of theold Wolfburn distillery
Cancelled due to Coronavirus

First Minister announces all Schools In Scotland To Close By End OfThis Week

All Highland Ranger Activities Cancelled
Rangers come under the Highland Highlife rulings

ERI,Thurso Cancels Events

Many Items andUpdates In Our Business SectionToday
Stories Posted today   Page 2 ForMore

Merlin Cinema InThurso Closed Until Further Notice From Today
At Merlin Cinemas we are committed to providing a safe andhealthy environment for our employees and customers.With this in mind and following government guidelines we have made thedifficult decision to shut our cinemas, bars and restaurants as of theclose of business today, Tuesday 17th March 2020, until further notice.

CoronavirusAction Plan At Lyth Arts Centre - Check Shows Cancelled
Updated today on Lyth Arts Centre web site

Here at Lyth Arts Centre, we've already taken stepstowards keeping our audiences happy and healthy with the recentCoronavirus developments. The situation is changing daily and we willcommunicate any changes or updates directly to you, the audience as andwhen required.  Arts Index

HighLife Highland Covid-19 Announcement About Events
Steve Walsh, Chief Executive of High Life Highland todayconfirmed that his teams were working hard to ensure that the Charitywas closely following the recommendations made by the Scottish and UKGovernments. Mr Walsh said, "Statements made by the Prime Minister andFirst Minister last night represented a decisive alteration in theguidance for social interaction. Whether it is in Leisure, CommunityCentres, Libraries, Visitor Attractions, Music Tuition, Sport,Archives, Youth Work or Adult Learning, High Life Highland's purpose isone that brings individuals, groups and communities together. Thechallenge we face in reducing social interaction is thereforesignificant, and our sense of moral responsibility, acute.

CaithnessCommunity Chorus Friday - Cancelled

WickFiddle and Accordion Club Cancelled Tonight

FaceTo Face Benefit Assessments Cease From today
Call For Suspension Of Face-to-face Benefit Assessments To Be MadePermanent

Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) has welcomed news thatface-to-face social security assessments are to be suspended during thecoronavirus outbreak and have called on the UK Government for thechange to be made permanent.

EventCancellation - Thurso Grows Herb Growing Workshop Wednesday18th March -
Cancelled Due To Coronavirus Advice

EventCancellation - Wick Walking Group today - Cancelled due to Cronavirusadvice

Event Cancellation Today - Nurdle hunt At Dunnet 
Rangers have notified - Due to the ongoing Coronavirusissues the public nurdle hunt at Dunnet beach today has been cancelled.

WickCommunity Council Asks Highland Council To Halt ParkingCharges Consultation Due To Coronavirus
Royal Burgh of Wick Community Council have sent thefollowing to Highland Council with regards to Offstreet Car ParkingCharges Consultation: Developments have been moving fast over theweekend with regards to what to do and not what to do with regards tothe CoronaVirus Covid-19. At this moment in time we are uncharteredterritory and we do not know what additional recommendations are goingto be coming in.

EventCancellation - The History Of Wick Players
"Wick Players are sorry to announce that due to therestrictions suggested by the government, the talk on the history ofthe club which was to take place on Thursday 19th March has beenCANCELED.

Cancellation of Events In the Whatson Section - Please check if eventsare still on before you go
Severalevents have already been cancelled in the light of updates onCoronavirus from the government and Highland council.  Somegroupsare meeting tonight and others expect updates tomorrow so the whatsonsection will probably show more cancellations.  However we maynotget notified of every cancellation so please check before you try toattend.  Will all grousp organising events let us know iftheirevents are cancelled so we can update the listing. Just send emails tobill@caithness.org

Cancellationof All of Caithness International ScienceFestival Events
Unfortunately the Science Festival organisers havereceived the latest news from the Highland council in face of theevolving Coronavirus crisis."In line with national guidance, the Council has moved from containmentto delay. Council services are now developing and implementingcontinuity plans. We are no longer in a business as normal situation,and as a result we will be delivering reduced and targeted services.It is important to note that as a council we are clear that, to reducethe spread of the virus, we are no longer running our services asnormal. Please note that the following steps must be taken:
CoronaVirus Brings Caithness Community Together to Help
DeliverFor Caithness - New Caithness Facebook Group To Help Anyone WithDifficulties Shopping etc
Deliver for Caithness
BrooksCarter the Aministrator for the new group said,"
Wecan all help each other. We know self isolation will come at some pointso it will be a good thing if we all use a bit of free time to deliverfood ect to those who are on lockdown. They order what they want fromwhatever shop and post on here for collection, our nice members agreeto go and pick up the delivery then drop it outside the door for them"

Wick Academy Cancels all Games
Suspension of FootballThis takes immediate effect, starting with this weekend's matches. Thismeans that all Wick Academy matches including the first team, under15's and under 17's games are postponed until further notice. Thisincudes a bounce game that the first team were planning for Saturdaythe 14th March.

Caithness General Hospital Shop Closed Due To CoronaVirus Advice
The little shop run by the volunteers of RVS is now closeduntil further notice.

All SPFL and Highland League matches cancelled.
ALL matches in the Scottish Professional Football League and theHighland League have been cancelled amid coronavirus fears.

All Scottish Rugby Matches Cancelled

CaithnessScience Festival - Some Cencellations Due To CoronavirusAdvice
Family Fun Day Cancelled, Saturday 21 st March 2020

Science O3 are disappointed to announce that due to the outbreak ofCOVID-19 and considering current advice from The Scottish Government,the committee have taken the decision to cancel the CaithnessInternational Science.Tonight's CaithnessAstronomy Group event will be modified, as the presenter can no longerattend.
Tomorrow's CAG event iscancelled. Wednesday's event, 'Out for the Count' is also cancelled.
UK Budget -Many Details in the Business Section
The chancellor announced the biggest spending budget inover 30years.He announced ?30bn of help to mitigate the impact of the coronavirusoutbreak and more than ?600bn for infrastructure spending over the nextfive years. The Chancellor also revealed he will revise the fiscalrules set out by his predecessor, launch a review into business ratesand give the NHS an extra ?6bn.?5bn emergency response fund to support the NHS and other publicservices
?3,000 Grant To Around 700,000 Businesses In England
Barnet Forumla Gives Extra to Scotland ?640 Million, Wales ?360 MillionAnd Northern Ireland ?210 Million
Living Wage Increased
Much much more.......

TowheadsTravelling Through Wick To Subsea 7 Wester Site - 13 March 2020

TowheadsTravelling Through Wick To Subsea 7 Wester Site - 16 March 2020

TowheadsTravelling Through Wick To Subsea 7 Wester Site - 17 March 2020
ALONG-established Thurso butcher's shop is to take on a new lease oflife
A & E Harold Butchers - changes affoot
A&E Harrold's premises in High Street have been purchased by theThurso Foot Clinic - but will be remaining as a butcher's for up to ayear.John Logue, of JPL Shellfish of Scrabster, is renting the building fromthe new owners and will be based there until his new butcher's shop isbuilt beside the fish shop at the harbourMr Logue said: "We are renting the premises for between six and 12months until we construct a new butcher shop. It will be under the sameroof as our fish shop - A Mackay's old one.
     Business Index

SightAction's Short Sharp Campaign Success To Be Celebrated WithSupporter Rhoda Grant MSP
Rhoda Grant to celebrate Sight Action campaign success
asks MSP Rhoda Grant to co-host thank you receptionfor clientsand politicians who campaigned to save an established model of supportservices delivered by Sight Action.A THANK YOU reception is being thrown for clients and politicians whocampaigned to save an established model of support services SightAction delivers.The event, co-hosted by MSP Rhoda Grant, will take place at SightAction's Beechwood base next month.
MSP Rhoda Grant has said she is 'delighted' that NHS Highland hasback-tracked over plans to see its successful and long-standingalliance with Sight Action severed.
Events escalated in the last few weeks when the charity'sExecutive Manager Gillian Mitchell warned it could not bid to renew itscontract with NHS Highland because the health board was unwilling toadequately fund this model of service, even in the short term. Community Index
PentlandVenture Returning To Wick After 3 Week Maintenance
Pentland Venture Returns to Wick after painting and maintenance at Fraserburgh
TheJohn O'Groats Ferry Pentland Venture entering WickHarbour this afternoon 5 March 2020. She has just returned from a 3week Maintenance Period in Fraserburgh which included a fresh coat ofpaint.

Update - 16 March 2020 - All Events Cancelled due To Coronavirus Advice

CaithnessInternational Science Festival 2020
2nd - 21st March 2020

Caithness Science Festival 2020

Caithness International ScienceFestival 2020 will run from Monday 2nd - Saturday 21stMarch and includes a public and schools programme, culminating in theFamily Fun Day.Attendees can expect to hear about space exploration, virtual reality,climate change, future fuels, exotic animals, robotics and much more atthese exciting and interactive events.

Check Out Whats On At The Festival

Updated13 March 2020 - Following Scottish Government Adviceon Cronavirus
SomeCancellations Due To Coronavirus Advice

Caithness Science Festival 2020Caithness Science Festival 2020

FestivalLaunch    AreYou A Scientist?    FamilyFun Day    YourBeautiful Biased Brain 

IndustrialCaithness Exhibition    Scienceand Ancient Grains    DiversePlanet Poster Exhibition

OutFor The Count    WhatHas SpaceEver done For Us?    FromCaithness To Outer Space

SchoolEvents -  

LythArts Centre Presents Space Ape
Andy Cannon, Scotland's leading storyteller foryoungaudiences,tells the tale, sharing his passion for space travel, using everydayobjects and animation. Age 6 Up - Tickets ?6 17 March 6.00pm at Lyth Arts Centre.

Science Festival Web Site                 Science FestivalOn Facebook
HOLSTowed By Wick and Thurso Lifeboats To Scrabster
HOLS towed by Wick and Thurso lifeboats to Scrabster
HOLSsuffered engine failure at Helmsdale yesterday morning. She was firsttowed by the Wick Lifeboat, then by the Thurso Lifeboat into ScrabsterHarbour for repairs/inspection.

BuildingYour New Home - Advice From Thermohaus
Thermohaus House Building Advice
Thelast in our series of articles from a highly experienced local firm.
Previous articles in the series in include -
Planning Advice and Building Warrant
House Design Advice
Finding And Buying Land For Your Self Build Home
Building Your Own Home Is Easier Than You May Think
Can You Afford To Build Your Own Home
How to Finance Your Self-build New home
The articles are allcross linked to make them easy to find.
To get started contact Thermohaus
EystnesFrom Faroe Islands Held Up In Thurso Bay
Eyestnes In Thurso Bay
Afterher arrival at Scrabster from Tshavn, Faroe Islands was delayed dueto bad weather, Smyril Line Ro-Ro Container Carrier Eystnes had to holdin Thurso Bay early Sunday afternoon. She was not able to unload orload cargo until Northlink Ferries Hamnavoe had departed the FerryBerth. Eystnes or sister ship Hv咜anes normally arrives on a Saturdayevening.

MSPdetermined to help in the fight to save Highlands and Islandscharity
Third sector groups await decision on funding
MSP Rhoda Grant with Sight Action
Highlandsand Islands Labour MSP, Rhoda Grant, has tabled amotion for debate in the Scottish Parliament in a bid to save a localcharity, Sight Action, as NHS Highland make funding cuts and re-designservices for the blind and visually impaired.It was indicated to Mrs Grant at the end of last year that SightAction's valuable services to almost 3,000 blind or visually impairedadults and children will no longer continue past the 31st March 2020 asNHS Highland are unable to uplift funding - even though Sight Actionhave had no uplift in funding for the past twelve years compounded, shebelieves, by a 10% cut in funding in 2010-11. TheCaithness group is also affected.
SpectacularWaves At Thurso
Waves At Thurso

ThursoGrows Spring Open Day
Thurso Garden Spring Open Day
ThursoGrows, a climate change project run by Thurso Community DevelopmentTrust and funded by Climate Challenge Scotland, is holding an open dayat Thurso Grows Community Garden.The project has turned the garden in Falconer Waters Court into avibrant growing space and are planning further development andexpansion throughout this year. Thurso Grows ran many successful eventslast year including a harvest festival, Samhain celebrations and theirbig lunch event. In the last eight months, they have reduced Thurso'scarbon emissions by 272 tonnes through increasing growing places andreducing food waste going to landfill.

Caithnesspublic to decide funding for local projects
Your Cash Your Caithness - 29thFebruary2020.Following the call by The Highland Council for local groups inCaithness to apply for a share of ?10,000 to fund projects in theirlocal area, members of the public are now being invited to take part inthe Your Cash Your Caithness event on Saturday 29th February to decidehow the money will be distributed.At the participatory budgeting event, which will be held in the MainHall of Thurso High School on Ormlie Road, representatives behind the25 short-listed projects will have a chance to put their idea to thepublic vote. There is ?10,000.00 on offer with applications receivedtotalling ?23,734.00. See the list of short-listed projects inside.
Community Index
CutsBite Into Services for Blind and Sight Impaired
Service To Blind People In Doubt As Sight Action Cannot Get SufficientFunds From NHS Highland

The Sensory Centres in Thurso andWick have12 Childrenand 252 Audlts registered with them and stand to see a big reduction ifNHS Highland take the service back in house from the current providerSight Action.  The centres in Thurso and Wick used to beCaithness Deaf Care until they amalgamtated to expsnd services tovisual and hearing impairments.  
THOUSANDS of vulnerablepeople will be failed if NHS Highland refuses to properlyfund a rehabilitation service for adults and children with blindnessand impaired vision in the Highlands and the Western Isles.The grim prediction came last night from a charity called Sight Actionwhose team of rehabilitation officers have been delivering support tomore than 2700 blind and low sighted people since 2008 under contractto the health board.Sight Action Executive Manager Gillian Mitchell said it will not bebidding to renew its contract next month because the health board isunwilling to adequately meet service funding needs.

NHS Highland are comingto Wick on Valentines Day 14th February for crunch talks with thirdsector groups who provide a rangeof servicesin the county.

NHSBudget Deficit - Press and Journal

Meanwhilea major fight Between NHS Highland and Highland Council rageson behind closed doors

It gets worse -
An additional ?1.5m cost pressure is looming from anincrease in a service agreement with NHS Greater Glasgow and Clydeand this has not yet been accounted for in NHS Highland figures - onlya side note.
Amongst other probelms highlighted - Facilitieshave ?1.1m pressure madeup of the new national waste contractand energy costs.
40New Jobs Expected In Five Years As Ashley Ann, Wick Plans FurtherGrowth
Ahsley Ann plan 40 new jobs over 5 years
ACaithness company is planning to invest more than ?2m in its Wickplant, in a move that could see up to 40 new jobs created in the townover the next five years.Family-run Ashley Ann Ltd (AAL) designs and manufactures kitchens,bedrooms and bathrooms.The firm has secured up to ?400,000 from Highlands and IslandsEnterprise (HIE). This will help fund building works and alterationsand the installation of additional specialist manufacturing equipment.

Jobsand How To Get Them 2020
Jobs Fair 2020
WickHigh School
Saturday 8th February  - 10.00am - 2.00pm

ArmedForces and Veterans Breakfast Club
Armed Forces and Veterans Breakfast Club
NoFees, No Committees Just Banter
2nd Saturday of each month 11.00am - 1.00pm

NewSection In The Forum - Jobs Wanted/Services Offered - Commercial andCommunity
Following a suggestion fromforum users we havenow set up a new section where anyone can advertise services wanted orfor sale.  The section can be used for anything that needsdoing for individuals or the community.   Somefolk may have skills to offer for payment or to help the community -just tell everyone what it is.  Others may need a small jobdoing that requires certain skills or knowledge but only for a veryshort time. You maye be just doing some work part-time befoe you launcha business at later date - herie one way to test the market for yourservices.  As with all the other forum sections it is Freeto use. If we get lotsof postings we will look at how bestto organiseit into relevant sections.
WinterSurfing In Caithness
Surfing in Wintry CaithnessSurfingin Caithness goes on all year round
Surfingin January in Caithness is a common site in recent years. With greatwaves on offer and low numbers the surfing areas are increasingly beingused.  Thewater temperature does not change that much summer to winter as long asyouhave a wet suit.

AnnieRose WK889 Gets Towed To Scrabster By Karen Jane WK36
Annie Rose WK889 Gets Towed To Scrabster By Karen Jane WK36
Earlytoday in the morning 19 January 2020 Annie Rose WK889suffered a burst pipe whilst out fishing, causing the vessel to beinoperable. Karen Jane WK36 came to her aid and safely towed her intoScrabster Harbour.

RobertMacLennan, Former MP for Caithness, Sutherland and East Ross has diedaged 83

CaithnessField Club Bulletin - 2018
FieldClub Activities during 2017 (by Tony Bradford)
BotanicalReport 2017 (by Francis and Margaret Higgins)
RangerWildlife Notes 2017 (by Paul Castle)
StrathmoreFlora (contributed by Keith Gerry)
Allan'sReminiscences (by Allan Abernethy)
Place-names- Nottingham and Snottergill Burn (by George Watson)
StDonnan - Patron Saint (by Audrey Munro)
ThusaterDig (by Caithness Broch Project)Caithness Field Club Trips (by Anna Rogalski)
The final two articles from the 2018 Bulletin will beadded shortly

TheCaithness Field Club Bulletin Index - April 1973 onwards - A few years still to be added from 2009 onwrds.
PlanningPermission & Building Warrant - Advice From Thermohaus
Planning Permision and Building Standards Advice from Thermohaus
Thenext in our series of articles with advice for anyone wanting to buildtheir own house from a highly experienced local firm - Thermohaus. Whenbuilding a new house there are two primary statutory (legal) consentsyou need to obtain before starting any work on site - planningpermission and a building warrant.
See links for earlier articles  - House Design Advice FromThermohaus - Finding And Buying Land For Your Self Build Home- Building Your Own Home Is Easier Than You May Think - Can You Afford To Build Your Own Home - How to Finance Your Self-build New home.

CaithnessMaritime 2020 Calendar Photos
2020 Caithness Martime Calendar2020 Caithness Maritime Calendar Photos
JohnHay produced a lovely 2020 Caithness Martime Calendar with 12 photos ofa few of the boats working around the coast of Caithness or asvisitors.  The calendar was a sell-out but thanks to John forallowing us to publish the photos.  He has a range of highquality martime photos for sale on his web site http://maritimepics.picfair.com
Some of our earlier maritime photos can be found at Boats Index
The index is not comprehensive and many boat photos arescattered in our many other photo galleries on Caithness.org.
MVHelliar Replacing MV Hamnavoe 13th - 26th January
MV Helliar on MV Hamnaveregular route on Pentand Firth 13th - 26 January 2020
TheMV Hamnavoe is due to be in dry dock from 13th to 26th January 2020(inclusive), and there will be additional north and southbound callsinto Kirkwall by the MV Hrossey and MV Hjaltland. During this time theMV Helliar will provide a replacement service on the Pentland Firthroute.NorthLink Ferries MV Hamnavoe which operates between Scrabster andStromness will have "Changing Places" installed during the upcoming drydock period.

SafeLoading In Rough Seas at Gills Harbour With Pentland Ferries
MV Alfred loading at Gills Harbour in rough weather
Withexpert guidance from the crew of Pentland Ferries "Alfred" this lorrysafely loads onto the ferry at Gills Harbour, Caithness, today (9January 2019), for her crossing to St Margarets Hope.Sea swells were evident, making the job even harder & causingthe ferry to be delayed.

MoreMoney Up For Grabs For Local Groups With Your Cash Your Caithness
The Highland Council took receiptof ?9,497from the oldCaithness Partnership earlier in 2019 on condition that these fundswere set aside and used in a Your Cash Your Caithness funding event.The Highland Council have topped this amount up to ?10,000 now to letthe local community once again decide for themselves which projects areneeded in their area. Whether you want to organise a project for youngpeople, a healthy living project, a crime prevention idea, a lunch clubfor older residents, a community art project, the only limit is yourimagination.To apply for up to ?1,000.00, you must submit an application formbefore 5.00pm on Sunday 2 February 2020. If your idea fits, thecommunity will get to vote for the best ideas at an event to be held onSaturday 29 February 2020 in Thurso.

WickHigh Pupils Receive SQA Cyber Security Award
Wick High pupils win SQA Award for digital security
Inthe second year of running in the SQA's Award in Cyber SecurityFundamentals Wick High is delighted that 37 S3 pupils received theaward.After spending two months learning about cyber security threats and howto defend against them, pupils sat an exam that covered both the theoryand practical elements of the course. During the two months pupils setup their own Pi-Top devices (miniature computers running a Linuxoperating system) and secured them against multiple security threats.

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WickStreet Design Festival to help redesign Wick's High Street - Your Chance To Give Your Ideas
Wick Street Design Festival
Wickersare beingasked to help develop designs ideas to help improve the High Street.Launched in October 2019, the Wick Street Design Project is apartnership project between Sustrans Scotland, The Highland Council,Royal Burgh of Wick Community Council and Local Councillors working onan ambitious collaborative project to re-design Wick High Street.
The project works with locals to develop a design thatrepresents the community's vision for Wick High Street. It aims tocreate:? Warm, welcoming and more attractive public spaces;? A comfortable and safe environment to walk, wheel and cycle;? Better travel experiences through Wick town centre - particularlywhen accessing local facilities;? A sense of identity for the town centre in Wick, drawing on localculture and heritage;
Sunday School and Youth Group at Wick Baptisit Church
Sunday School and Youth Group at Wick Baptist Church

Every Sunday at 1100am

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WickPlayers Christmas Exhibition On Until End Of January
Wick Players Christmas Exhibition at the Nucleus

WickStreet Design Festival
Wick Street Design Festival 2020 - 15th and 16th January 2020
Wednesday15th January 2020 - Wick Heritge Museum
Joinus for Day 1 of theWick Street Design Festival to celebrate Wick's heritage. Freerefreshments will be provided.Drop in to our Living Library from 2-5pm to explore the High Street'shistory through images and stories. You'll also have the opportunity toshare your own stories if you'd like to.
Thursday 16thJanuary 2020 - Assembly Rooms
Come along to Assembly Rooms to view the informationgathered sofar and work with the team to narrow down our design goals and begin todevelop your design ideas.
CancerSupport Group For Men - Meeting Dates For 2020
Mens Cancer Support Group Meetings for 2020

Happy New Year To Everyone
2020  - who would havethought 2019 would everend.  
Lotsof things will happen in the year now underway and we should beencouraged by the work of so many people from hundreds of volunteerswho run so many things in Caithness to workers, officials andpoliticians of all persuasions.  Wishing you all well andsuccessin your endeavours.


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